9 Things They Didn’t Tell Me About Planning A Wedding


As some of you may know, I got married over a week ago now (still can’t believe it’s happened), which is why I hadn’t really had the time to write any posts. I’ve been a massive stress head over the last few months, ironing out all the little details that needed to be done before the big day. Now that the planning and stress of it is behind me, I wanted to share with you the things that no one tells you when you are planning your wedding!

1. After you’ve gone through the trouble of designing your invites, putting them in lovely envelopes and handwriting each address, they’ll always be people who don’t RSVP leaving you to chase them. Like come on, I have enough to do. You would think if they don’t RSVP that it would mean a no, but you’ll be surprised that most of them will probably be a yes!

2. You’ll feel like that’s all you can talk about. To be fair, it’s a great conversation starter for people around you that wouldn’t normally talk to you. I found people at work that wouldn’t normally say much have lengthy conversations about weddings with me, everybody loves a wedding! But you’ll feel like your boring people, and you probably are.

I'm just saying.gif

3. You won’t even be able to think about your honeymoon. It’s like the Wedding Day is this big huge barrier that you can’t see past. I wanted to look forward to going away, but just couldn’t because it doesn’t feel like you are going away. We didn’t even pack our suitcase until an hour before we left for the airport (I’m one to pack like two weeks before we go away).

4. Everyone tells you that putting a table plan together will be hard, but you don’t realise how hard until you sit down to do it. Oh my god. The amount of times I wanted to just scream and say ‘EVERYONE CAN JUST SIT WHERE THEY WANT!’.  It’s a nightmare. There are always people who you can’t sit together and it’s awkward as hell. It took me two whole weeks of sitting down, rearranging, going back to it. And then people drop out three weeks before, which brings me to my next point…

5. You’ll be enraged when somebody dares tell you three weeks before that they’ve had a better offer and will no longer be attending your wedding. You’ve finished your table plan, you’ve planned in how much it will cost for food including that person, you’ve made your place cards and printed your table plan. And then you have to change it all. I won’t lie, I did go into ‘Bridezilla’ mode over this one.  (Illness doesn’t count by the way, I’m not a monster!).


6. You’ll have wedding stuff everywhere. Unless you have one of those package weddings where everything is done for you and you just have to choose. That obviously just wasn’t me, so I paid the price by having boxes upon boxes of paper flowers, napkins, paper plates etc piled up in our dining room. There are little things I bought last year that I planned to use on the day, that I know are in a box somewhere – (don’t move house half way through planning a wedding…), so I’ll still be finding wedding things after Christmas no doubt.

7. Planning a wedding isn’t a man’s domain, and from what I’ve heard from other couples, they don’t really get involved with the planning. They’ll nod and agree with whatever you suggest, which is kind of great because I didn’t have to argue or pout to get my own way, but they’ll be moments where you’ll just wish that they help. But I didn’t really want his help, because I wanted to do it all myself. Go figure.


8. It will feel so surreal. Well, it did for me anyway, maybe it was just me, but I felt like I was in such a daze the whole day. There is so much build up to one day, and then it’s all over. Quick as a flash, it’s over!

9. Your cheeks will hurt from all the smiling. But it’ll be worth it in the end, because pictures! I’m not kidding, it got to the point where I wasn’t even sure I was still smiling because my cheeks hurt that much.



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