Was University The Right Thing To Do?


I didn’t do A-Levels so I didn’t get a results day as such with everyone else. I did a BTEC ND in Graphic Design at my local college, and from what I can remember, we didn’t have a ‘results day’ as such. In fact, it was nicer that way! We didn’t have a set day that we were going to receive our grades, so we weren’t waiting around for that day to come. And we were also told our grades by a sit down with our tutor, and not by opening an envelope!

So I hope those of you that did get your results yesterday, got what you were hoping for. But do you really need to go to University?

A lot has changed since I went (and I only graduated 3 years ago) – higher tuition fees, more spaces on courses – it always makes me think back to whether I would do it all again if I could go back. Usually, I say not if someone paid me. But. In reality, I would do it all again, because even though I really didn’t like most of it – I met friends for life. I had good times. I lived with my friends and course mates, had late nights where we made Irish coffees to keep us up working, laughed at the gnome in next doors garden (don’t ask), amongst other crazy delightful things.

It’s hard to say whether University would be the right decision for you. Why did I go to University? Because I wanted to be a Graphic Designer more than anything, and I couldn’t imagine getting a good enough job in the design industry without going. Which I think is right – I stand by that and I don’t think I would be in the job I am now without having gone. I also however craved independence. I’ve always been quite an independent person, and couldn’t wait to start ‘fending for myself’, which sounds rather odd when I say it out loud now.

If you want to know what to expect – expect late nights (from going out drinking), late nights (from working because you need to complete that project/assignment) and late nights (because you want to stay up late and watch movies and eat popcorn because you’ve been working hard all day). So yeah, late night. Oh and messy housemates, budgeting your money to make sure you can eat, washing your clothes…

Good luck if your off to University next month and congratulations! Before you know it you’ll be graduating…




Creative Cowell x




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