Off on my holidays

I haven’t posted in a while again have I?

I’ve had all these ideas for posts with no time to write them. Work has been really busy the last few weeks, and so has home life. We recently held the Community Awards at work, which I’m so glad to say that it was a success! Decorating the hall was like a little trial run for my wedding, which certainly opened my eyes up to how long it takes. It’ll defo be all hands on deck to help on the day!!


16PT_Freebridge_Awards_0316PT_Freebridge_Awards_04(Photos taken by Paul Tibbs)

I’ve also been busy trying to get our new home looking like our home. I think I’ve given up with this as it’s just a no go when you’re trying to coexist in the same house as your in-laws. I think I’ll be waiting until they leave officially!

So I wanted to do a quick post today really, as I’m going on holiday tomorrow and probably won’t be writing any posts. I’m not taking my laptop away with me this year, but if inspiration hits, I will have my tablet.

What’s in my suitcase you ask?


Yup, I’ll be laid by the pool, in my big hat, reading! Some much needed relaxation time. Because when I’m back it’ll only be 12 weeks until the wedding and I’m sure the panic will start to set in, seeing as there is still 1 million and 1 things I still need to do!

Creative Cowell x


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