I decided to write this post as here where I work, we have a ‘Week of Wellbeing’ and it made me think of the things that I do to look after my own.

The answer lately, I suppose, is not a lot. I know – pretty bad of me. I think with so much organising going on at the moment (which I do enjoy) it’s making me a little bit reckless with making sure I spend time to slow down and enjoy myself and most importantly SWITCH OFF.

I’ve never been good at switching off. When I’m at home I’m still thinking about stuff that I have coming up at work, and when I’m at work I’m still thinking about stuff I need to do at home! I can never seem to just focus on one thing either. I flit between things, instead of focusing on one and getting it done.

So… ah yes, wellbeing. Freebridge do a ‘Week of Wellbeing’ where they put on lots of sessions throughout the week for employees to take part in. This year I’m taking part in knitting, an art class and a creative writing class! I’ve never tried knitting before, so I think I’m most looking forward to that one! I think it’s a brilliant thing that Freebridge does, to allow employees to take some time out and to focus on something other than work for a couple of hours.

I guess what I want to ask you is – how do you look after your wellbeing?

I have my knitting session today (I’ve never done it before!) so I’ll let you know how I get on!

Creative Cowell x


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