#100DaysOfAmpersands: Weekly roundup #3

Yay the #100DayProject!

I’m on day 21 today and even though I’m still going, I did have a bit of a slip up at the weekend! I had a very good excuse though, I wasn’t very well most of Saturday, and I hadn’t got anything planned for it so doing this on Saturday night with no energy would have been far too much effort! I decided I just need to let it slide and catch up on Sunday.

But that doesn’t excuse this late post however! Last week ran away from me, and I was in a panic most of the week with lots to do at work, and also lots to do at home!

This weeks photos (just gone):

Day 12: Still on the cupcake run – I had enormous amounts of fun creating and decorating these, and then further fun laying them out to photograph for a different approach each time.

Day 12

Day 13: This is the last cupcake I swear!!

Day 13

Day 14: Have I mentioned I liked working with food?! I used strawberry laces for this – I just love how colourful you can be with sweets! I plan on doing a few more like this.

Day 14

Day 15: Another one with sweets – teeth and lips this time. I quite like these minimal posts, but have made sure I mix them amongst more busier posts.

Day 15

Day 16: Now that everyone has had there invites, I could finally post some pictures of my wedding invitations! And seeing as I designed them myself, why not include them with the ampersand?

Day 16

Day 17: I’d had a bit of a bad day on day 17 – so the ampersand wasn’t created, but I still posted a photo! This ampersand charm was part of a Christmas present along with the bracelet and a couple of other charms from Adrian. He ordered the ampersand all the way from Sweden because they stopped doing them in this country – nice little story to go along with this!

Day 17

Day 18: Quite a garish (that the right word?) post this time, with crispy M&M’s and one of my brightly coloured plastic chopping boards.

Day 18

So that’s another week gone! And now over 20% of the way!

Creative Cowell x


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