Wedding invites

*Drumroll please* I have my wedding invites done a dusted!

Well I have had them done for a while now to tell you the truth.

After reading this blog post, I decided that printing them etc was a no go for me. I didn’t want the stress of it! And it wasn’t that much more expensive to get them printed by an online company. They were brilliant, and to be honest it was worth paying them to do it rather than sit and faff with paper and a printer. I know it doesn’t sound like it would take that much time, but it would, and they also wouldn’t have looked as professional!

Designing them took me so long – it’s that whole ‘designing for yourself’ thing. I’m super critical of my work and it’s even worse if it’s something for myself. I felt a huge amount a pressure with designing these for my friends and family because they all know what I do for a living and I didn’t want them to think it looked bad!

But overall, I was really happy with them – what do you think?






With 5 and a half months left (eeeek!), I still have a lot to do. But I’m confident I’ll get it all done. My mum is being an absolute saint with making my flowers (which look amazing) and with making elements for centre pieces. So the fact I have a lot of help is keeping me calm I think!

It’s also hard to focus on a wedding when I have moving house coming up! If you have a choice, never do both in the same year, trust me….

Creative Cowell x


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