#100DaysOfAmpersands: Weekly Roundup #2

Yay the #100DayProject!

I’m on day 11 and I’m still going! I’m really enjoying it at the moment, but I think I’m enjoying the creations out of food a bit more than other materials, so I may steer more towards that.

This weeks photos:

Day 5: I used basic materials for this one – quite happy with the photo though.

Day 5

Day 6: I had an outside shot planned for Day 6, but the weather turned a bit crappy so changed it! I think the shadow works quite well and is playful?

Day 6

Day 7: This one turned out so much better than planned! I sprinkled oregano onto a chopping board, and then using a brush, I marked an ampersand into the herbs – I’m going to do more of this!

Day 7

Day 8: So I was naughty and went to Mcdonald’s for my lunch as I was off work – fries anyone?

Day 8

Day 9: So Day 9 marked my first year at Freebridge Community Housing – what a year it has been! Here is to the next 🙂

Day 9

Day 10: Some more cupcake shots, as I decorated them all differently with different ampersands!

Day 10

Day 11: Another cupcake anyone?

Day 11

So far my weekend is pretty open, tonight I have a dinner to go to at the in-laws as it’s Adi’s Dad’s last night in Norfolk before moving to Scotland for his new job.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some more packing, as we only have 4 weekends to go!

What are you up to this weekend?

Creative Cowell x


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