The #100DayProject 2016


Next week I’m taking part in the #100DayProject!

Whenever I’ve started things like this, I’ve never really been able to keep it going (I know, terrible!) but I’m determined to keep this up. I think this time it will help picking a subject very close to my heart – Ampersands!

Ampersands have gotten ever popular beyond the design world in high street shops, so it’s not as hard as it used to be to purchase ampersand related things! The trouble is, as time goes on, I’m spending more money on all these lovely things!

My latest edition to the collection is this lovely light that I got from Primark – I only knew about it because of twitter – oh lovely helpful twitter!

Ampersand light

My aim really is to just be creative with it – instead of finding ampersands around and taking a photo, I’m creating my ampersands by hand out of all different materials. Challenging? YES! But I do like a challenge, and I’ve already brainstormed a lot of ideas, so I’m confident I can do 100 variations.

I’m also hoping it improves my photography skills and makes my Instagram look prrrreeeettty! If you’d like to follow along, my hashtag I’ll be using is #100DaysOfHandmadeAmpersands 🙂

The100DayProject-2016 instructions

Are you taking part? Let me know the hashtag you’ll be using so I can follow!

Creative Cowell x


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