On a Side Note #4: London

side note 4

So last week I was quite lucky and had another 4 day week! Friday I was off to a craft event in London with my Mum, so booked the day off. It had been ages since we had a day out together, so I was really looking forward to it! We used to always spend a huge amount of time together, but now that I don’t live at home, life just gets in the way I guess.

Anyway, the craft show. To be honest we were both hugely disappointed. For a start of, it wasn’t very big, so we felt like we had gone all that way for not much! And secondly, the variety of stalls wasn’t at all impressive. So overall: disappointing. However, we were in London, so the day wasn’t totally wasted, and we went off to find what we could do with the rest of the day!



I’d asked a couple of people if they knew of anything going on in London at the moment, and as usually we had quite a lot to choose from! Is it me, or does time run a lot quicker in London? We took the Emirates Air Cable cars over the river to the O2, (which I’d never done – pretty cool!) and we got the tube into central London from there. By the time we got in it was already like 11.30am, so already half the day was gone! We decided to head for Oxford Street, so we got off at Piccadilly Circus to have a walk and do a bit of exploring.






We came across the M&M’s shop, and oh my god it was amazing! I never even knew this existed! I bought Adrian a present from there for doing so well with quitting smoking (it’s been 6 weeks now!).

And then I came across the biggest Primark I’d ever seen, so had to head straight to the home section, as I’d heard a little birdie on twitter mention Ampersand Lights… I’m going to save a picture of this for another time!


Then I got my Lush fix, where I got the urge to move to London just because of the size and variety of the shops – it’s not fair!


After some (very-unhealthy-lunch-but-I-deserved-it) lunch we headed to the British Library for the Alice and Wonderland exhibit. It was really interesting to see all the books from different eras and illustrators.




Anything Alice in wonderland appeals to me at the moment as it’s kind of the theme for little bits at our wedding!

That was my week last week pretty much – So anyway, onto the links!

Design links:

1// After my last post, I’ve been looking at a lot of paper based projects and I am loving the duo Zim & Zou at the moment.
2// I’m planning on investing in some of these when I can – I think they’d look great on my bookshelf!
3// Really like the use of a spot colour on these magazine spreads.

Blog posts I’ve been reading:

1// I just love this post about a cat cafe in Melbourne, made me all warm and fuzzy! We need one of these in the UK! (via @Teegly_PP)
2// I’m making some of these as a trial run for biscuits at our wedding – they look great and simple to make! (via @papernstitch)
3// The #100dayproject is starting next week, more on that later, but Natasha sums it up pretty well in her post here and shows off what she did last year! (via @natashanuttall)

Are you taking part in the #100dayproject? If so what are you doing?

Creative Cowell x


2 thoughts on “On a Side Note #4: London

    • Creative Cowell says:

      Yes I did! I just HAD to get one haha! I haven’t found a suitable place for it yet though. Yes it was that one, you need to get one Tasha! Do it on your way home! x


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