On a Side Note #3

Side note 3

I have about 6 posts in my draft queue in WordPress – have I been able to finish any of them?! NO! Even though I had the Easter bank holiday off work, I didn’t do hardly anything, although I think I needed it.

Lately it has been all about writing envelopes out for my wedding invitations, and thinking about starting to pack some boxes ready for the move. I know it’s early but that spare room could really do with a good sort out.

Not a lot has been going on really, I’ve very much just been plodding along with life the last few weeks. So without further-a-do, here are my links for this week, and finally a blog post!

Design links:

1// I love a clean identity like this one, really makes me go ‘I wish I’d done that!’.
2// These are just beautiful. I’ve been planing on making my own little postcards – although there are 100’s of other things I’d like to do also…
3// I’m very much into patterns at the moment, so these really did please.
4// If there was ever such a sexy way to display your toilet rolls.
5// THIS. I need one of these lights in my life!

Blog posts I’ve been reading:

1// I came across this blog a while ago, this post about twitter blog chats has helped me discover some more other than #cbloggers, which I hope to take part in soon!
2// I need to take  trip to Lush because of this post!
3// I’m very much stuck for ideas at the moment, so posts like these are really helpful!

I’ve never been a fan of Blog Lovin’ but I’ve been giving it more of a chance recently, so send me your link if you have one.

Currently designing:

*// I’ve finally designed (and got printed!) my wedding invitations (paused for applause). I know, about time. I will be posting about this soon… but want to get most of them out before I do.

*// The other thing that I was working on for work that was top secret – nearly time for the big reveal!

Got anything interesting to share with me? Let me know in the comments below!

Creative Cowell x


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