My Valentines Day

I haven’t been blogging – I know, I know, once I start not blogging it happens more and more, which I really don’t want to happen! I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks – and also been quite unwell. So juggling that, with work, and stuff I want to do outside work has proved more than challenging!

I’ve had a few weekends now where either me or the other half have been ill, so it’s not really been fun! Going back to work on a Monday morning after feeling like you haven’t had a break is probably one of the worst feelings ever… But luckily I was able to go back to work this morning nice and refreshed and ready to go!

Valentines day has now passed, something I’ve only been celebrating the last few years. I don’t go over the top as it is a money making business after all, but it’s nice to have an excuse to do something, be it go for a nice dinner or have a day out somewhere we wouldn’t normally go.

Mine and Adrian’s first Valentines together was in 2014, we decided to have a city break to Barcelona. We were both still living at home with our parents at the time, so having little spontaneous trips like this was possible! Not anymore I’m afraid…

Last year we had a somewhat ‘normal’ Valentines day – dinner and a movie! We went and had a day out in Norwich, watched Juniper Ascending (I think) and then had a nice meal at Chiquitos (we both love Mexican food). So what to do this year? We are both strapped for cash this year as we are both saving for the wedding, so have agreed nothing over the top.

This year, was pretty low key – but was still really nice. We bought each other a few gifts and then Adrian cooked me dinner. He cooked Paella (I helped a little bit!) and it was amazing, surprising seeing as neither of us had attempted it before. Gift wise, neither of us went too romantic. I got him an xbox game he’d had his eye on for a while, and a nice gimicky present – an acre of land on the moon, and bought a frame to frame the ‘Moon land deed’. Adrian bought me some chocolates and a new coat – but I felt terrible as I’d tried the coat on already in the shop and didn’t like it! I though about lying and telling him that I loved it, but what can I say, I’m an honest person. He took it back and I’m now on the scout for something else! Am I a bad fiance lol?


I hope you all enjoyed your day!

Creative Cowell x


2 thoughts on “My Valentines Day

    • Creative Cowell says:

      I think low key is best – don’t need to go over the top, save it for better occasions. I’d definitely class a birthday as a better day to share gifts, I hope you have a lovely time!


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