It’s so LUSH!

Ahh I hate the word when it’s used in that context. But for some reason when I know I’m talking about the brand name LUSH, it doesn’t make me cringe.

I’d made my way through my sale haul last week and decided to order more! Sunday night Lush baths have become a little bit of a thing for me – I grew up in a house that only had a bath, so ended up hating them. When I moved in to a house with Adrian my number one priority was that it had to have a shower. Since then I never thought I would look back, but then I discovered LUSH bath bombs…


Some would say they are too expensive – but I really think it’s the quality of the product that you’re paying for. I’ve had cheapy alternatives before in the past and they just don’t cut it. Lush products just smell amazing, and I still can’t believe how much you can still smell the product on you a few hours after you’ve gotten out of the bath! I also love their ethos against animal testing and using good natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals – so better for the environment too.

Anyway, happy Monday, I haven’t been well the last few days so even though there have been no blog posts, I have been planning and writing a few. I’ve felt a little off my game the last few weeks, but I hope this is the end now! Here are some great links that I’ve been looking at this weekend.

01. There aren’t many blogs that I trawl through old posts of – this one was a great find!
02. Discover and review new products – a lot of them free!
03. I definitely couldn’t give up social media…
04. These have given me a great idea to do something similar
05. This Instagram account makes me want to start clean eating!
06. Ideas for Valentines Day?
07. I’m going to try this – and I’ll let you know how I get on!


On another note, yesterday, my blog turned 7 years old. I’ve been blogging for 7 YEARS!

I think within the 7 years I haven’t exactly blogged constantly, it’s safe to say, but I’ve never really left it more than a few months before I posted something. I know I’ve gotten a lot better at it. I used to just blog for the sake of blogging I think – to get my College/ University work out there to see if anyone would comment on it (they never did). Now I take a little bit more care in my writing, and what I write about. I do it for me, because I want to write, not because I want loads of people to look at it (although it would be nice!). So no big thing of it – just a nice little milestone for me! A blogaversary?

Enjoy your week

Creative Cowell x



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