Goals of a Blogger

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had fun seeing in the new year! We had a quiet one this year as we are still getting over our horrible cold’s, but for new years day we went over to my mum and dads for a lovely roast dinner. This weeks come hard getting back to normal, I’ve had a couple of long weekends and it makes me wish every weekend was like that!

I don’t do new years resolutions, because lets face it, who sticks to them?! With getting married this year (OH MY GOD IT’S THIS YEAR), my resolution should be going to the gym, but like I said, I’m probably not going to stick to that. A goal is something I can work towards, and when it comes to my blog, I’m always looking for ways I can improve it. I look at my blog at the moment and it honestly makes me happy, except the DESIGN of it. Being a graphic designer, I want to make it more creative looking, but I don’t have the wordpress expertise. I’m just not happy with the way my blog looks. I’m planning on having a total redesign, which is kind of exciting!

I’ve decided I’m going to go onto my own domain. Not only will it make the site look more professional, I want to create more of a brand for Creative Cowell and having wordpress.com tacked on the end makes that a bit of an issue. There are certain aspects of my blog I love, like the homepage slider, but I just hate how the page looks when you click on individual posts. So that will be the first thing that I will do! So here is my list.


  1. My own domain to make it more mine. If anybody has any tips on this, I would be very grateful.
  2. A complete redesign. A logo to create more of a brand for Creative Cowell and also a redesign of the blog itself.
  3. Create a facebook page. I never really wanted to create a page for it, but have seen a lot of people have some success with this. I’m going to give it a go and aim to get 100 followers as a start by July 2016.
  4. Twitter followers – I don’t have a major following, but haven’t really tried either. I have around 200 at the moment, which I’m really happy about! I’d like to grow this to 500 by July.
  5. Instagram – I want to gain more followers so that I’m up to 200. This isn’t a major connection to my blog if I’m honest. I treat it as a personal thing so I’m not to worried if this doesn’t grow too much.

Five simple things, I’m not setting myself too much here. I have a wedding to plan this year as well after all!

Creative Cowell x



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