Goody Goody Gift Swap: 2015

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas! I know I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, what can I say, Christmas is a busy time! I’m looking to get back into the swing of it pretty quickly though, starting with this post!

This year I took part in #goodygoodygiftswap, which you sing up to via the lovely website here. Once signed up, you are paired with somebody and are told a few things about them and where to send your gift. I got Cathy, from The Origami Boutique.

The only clues I got were that she is an origami artist, loves having inspirational quotes around the house, and loves making desserts. Oh, and her favourite colour is red! Enough about what I sent however, as this time I’m going to talk about what I received!


The packages arrived and inside everything was wrapped in some lovely maroon tissue paper.


A very cute little hand made origami star necklace


An adana postcard print – this was brilliant and made me smile! I wasn’t expecting anything like this but I think someone must have read some of my blog!


A compliments card that I can use


A handmade origami christmas decoration – which I love by the way


And also a little ‘merry & bright’ printed decoration, which I thought was brilliant. I love these decorations, although I daren’t put them on the tree incase they get mauled by two cats…


An ampersand – because everybody knows I adore them and collect them! This will add to my collection currently on my windowsill in my living room.


I also got some little stickers, little post-its in the shape of an elephant, chocolate, a Portuguese dessert recipe and an origami butterfly!

I felt totally spoilt and like Cathy actually knew me! It was a lovely thing to be a part of and I can’t wait to take part next year. I hope everyone had lovely christmas’s. Me and Adrian have been really ill over the holiday, and even had to take some time off before christmas break officially started, but are pleased to say we are feeling a lot better now!

Creative Cowell x


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