Oh Christmas Tree…

If any of you have cats like me, then you know the stresses that the Christmas tree brings! Felines love them (both of ours now love to climb it). Last christmas, Luna was only a kitten, so was small enough that she could get away with it. This year however, she’s quite a hefty cat. And we now have another one. Solar is still a kitten really (7 months), but strangely isn’t as interested as her! She sits and looks up at it very lovingly from the tv stand and then jumps on it.


As you can see the cats are never too far away from it. As you can see the branches have separated somewhat because they keep laying on them.

Anyway, we put our decorations up pretty early, Saturday 28th November to be precise! We had a look around the Bury St Edmunds Christmas market during the day with my mum and dad, got some christmas cheese and a funnel cake (if you’re not sure what they are you should look it up!). It was mega busy, which isn’t that fun when you’re trying to look at stuff, so unfortunately we didn’t stay long, but it did get us in the christmassy mood.

These last couple of weeks or so has been quite difficult for me to be cheerful, so anything like this has been good to get me out of my moodiness. Around this time a couple of years ago we lost my nan very suddenly, and it came as a massive shock to us all. This time of year is always quite difficult for me and my family now, as it’s times like christmas that you wish the most that they were here and notice it more that they are not. I just get very ‘I can’t be bothered’ with everything attitude, which is a terrible attitude to have, and it’s probably horrible to be around.

But yes, anyway, the christmas tree is up!

This Saturday just gone I ticked another wedding based item off of my list of things to do – I found a wedding dress! I’ve been a couple of times before plans were in motion to try dresses on, and never really found anything that I thought “Yeah that’s the one” – but this is definitely it! It was the first one I tried on and I kind of fell in love with it. I tried others on of cause just to make sure but every single dress I just said I liked the first one better! I’m obvs not going to put a picture on here, but I’m also starting to get somewhere with invitation designs, so watch this space!

I’m also well on the way to sending my creative exchange project packages out this week… a sneaky look at the packaging below!


Creative Cowell x


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