Christmas Wishlist 2015

Time to blog about Christmas! As it’s the first of the month and all 🙂 I’ve got quite a few christmas posts planned so watch this space! I’m not however taking part properly in blogmas because I KNOW I can’t post everyday, no matter how hard I try it never happens!

I NEVER have a Christmas wish list – but this year I actually know a few things I want. Most of which will be too expensive for people to get for me, but hey ho the sales after Christmas are the next best thing (and I get paid the day before Christmas – win!).

1. LEAF by Bellabeat

I’ve thought about getting a Fitbit for ages – until I saw this – which I totally want instead. It can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace and tracks your breathing, sleep and activity. I’ve wanted something like this as I’ve started going to the gym to get a bit fitter (because I know I’m terribly unfit) and also to tone up a bit for the Wedding next year. Every time they come into stock they get sold within a day or two! I think that’s a good sign?



2. Urban Grow Star Terrarium Planter

Ever since Tasha posted about her terrarium that she made in a workshop, I’ve been obsessed with having one. They’re great! I can just imagine it sitting on my coffee table, and plus the cats can’t stick their faces in it because of the lid.


Image from

I’ve seen a lot of people get really creative with them – I want to create an overgrown city in mine, with little painted skyscrapers!

3. Tomb Raider Xbox One

I feel like this is a very ‘not me’ present, and feel a little weird asking for it. It’s no secret that I like to use Adrian’s Xbox now and again, but I’ve never really gone out and bought (or asked for) a game for just me. The last Tomb Raider came out while I was at Uni, and one of my mates bought it for there Playstation and I completed it in like 3 days. Cause like, it was that good, and who does work at Uni. I’m thinking a few days wasted over Christmas playing this game wouldn’t be a bad thing.

4. Audi R8 Experience

This is something I’ve always wanted to do! I’m a little bit of a car fan, and an Audi R8 is my dream car. I’m never going to be able to get one (I know that, and if I had the money for one it would go on more important things!) so wishing for an experience in one is a little more doable. Memories last a lifetime after all.

5. Notebooks

Every year without fail I get about 100 new notebooks, usually from my mum. She knows I write a lot of things down, I use them for making lists, writing ideas for my blogs and I also use them a lot for work. They are also pretty to have around, so you know why not.


Paperchase is an obvious go-to for lovely stationary, and I especially love this magnetic notebook. They’re great for handbags, I tend to ruin normal notebooks by putting them in my bag and can’t stand dog-eared pages.

So that wraps up my list. I’ll probably think of more on the lead up to Christmas, and I’ll think of loads afterwards that I should have put in my list!

Creative Cowell x


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