Vietnam Explorer Day #12

I woke up today and the first thing I thought was that today was the last full day of our tour. We still had another night and technically a full day in Vietnam before our flight home, but wouldn’t be with our tour group. There was definitely a sense of relief, but also a disbelief of how much I’d seen with my time here, and how far we had travelled.

Our first stop of the day was the War Museum, which wasn’t very far from our hotel. It was mostly filled with photographs and spreads from Life magazine – but I especially found the section on agent orange interesting. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to see the whole of the museum, which I was slightly annoyed at. It was one of those days where we were just herded around far too much!




Our last cooking class was next – which I really did enjoy. I think it was the best of the three, where we made our whole lunch. First we created a fish sauce for dipping, a pork and prawn salad, spring rolls, caramelized pork with rice and then a nicely presented pineapple stick for afters. Pictures of mine and Adrian’s creations below! We also made little carrot flowers. I have no excuse not to make some lovely creations with my food at home now.

I think I was the only one that went a little over-board with my presentation, but I was rather chuffed with it!



My whole meal above and Adrian’s below – it was all really tasty!



After this we got on the bus to go and see the Chu Chi tunnels, which was quite a drive away from the main city. This was our last thing to see before our farewell dinner (and then we were freeeeeee to do our own thing for a while!). I didn’t take that manu photos at the tunnels, I took quite a few videos though. As you know I’m saving these for my vlog once I get my macbook fixed and back, which should be very soon! Here is one though. I thought it was amazing how easily the guy disappeared. And then of cause Adrian had to have a go!

On the way back into the city the heavens opened. There was so much water on the roads! It was quite amazing to see, and another part of Vietnam I’m glad we got to see.


Our farewell dinner was okay, a little awkward though if you ask me. We said goodbye to everyone and then me and Adi decided to go for a few drinks, as we didn’t have to be up in the morning! Above is a picture of us both at the fountains outside of the city hall.

The next day (technically day 13 I guess), was more of a kill time day. We had all day in Ho Chi Minh until we were being taken to the airport at 9pm that night. We did a lot of wandering. We sent Adrian’s brother a postcard from the post office, as he is living in Jakarta, Indonesia at the moment. It was weird that we were in the same time zone but not close enough to pop and see him! We also did a bit of souvenir shopping as we hadn’t really had the chance while we were on the go.

The flight home went without a hitch and I was quite relieved when we landed back in the UK. It was an AMAZING two week experience, and I would never had dreamed I would get the opportunity to go and experience it for free. Kuoni were brilliant, and I would seriously consider booking a holiday with them in the future, even if it isn’t a tour holiday as such.

I hope you enjoyed my posts!

Creative Cowell x



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