Vietnam Explorer Day #10 & #11

Day 10 was quite uneventful, so I’m doing two days in 1 post!

By day 10, we had been on the road that much that I started to feel like I was getting travel sickness on the minibus. It never actually happened, but my god I felt awful for hours! Today was like a whole day on the minibus with a few stops here and there. We arrived in Can Tho at around 5pm and had the rest of the afternoon/night to ourselves. Me and Adrian decided to go off by ourselves for a bit – but to be honest I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the looks the locals gave us. There wasn’t many western people around and didn’t look like they passed through here very often. We found a nice restaurant that served Vietnamese and some western dishes as well. Adi had pizza, which looked amazing and I wish I’d had the same! I went with sea bass with peppercorn sauce and chips – but even that was pretty good and a nice change to what we’d been eating for the last 10 days!

We wandered back to the hotel and had a cocktail at the hotels sky bar. We sat there for a while looking out at the view – this was Halloween night and we so wished we could have stayed in Ho Chi Minh for Halloween as I think the atmosphere would’ve been electric! We went to bed at a fairly reasonable time because we had to be up early for a trip to the floating market (the only thing we had travelled all this way for…).

Day #11

Early start and off to get on a boat on the Mekong Delta. The river is HUGE, so wide, and with lots of little rivers running from it, with houses stacked on the banks. The river was also so dirty – yet the locals could be seen washing there clothes from the back of there homes in the river.


We transferred to an even smaller boat. I now know that I’m not a fan of going from one boat to another boat. Far too much movement! I did however get some nice photos taken of me and Adi.



We were then back on the bigger boat to take us to the floating market. Each boat would stick whatever they were selling (like a pineapple) on a long bamboo stick high in the air so that it could be spotted from a distance. We also got free pineapple, which was pretty tasty, and so so fresh.


After this was lunchtime. We experienced ‘elephant fish’ for the first time – which we can safely say we both didn’t like. It was like a really weird texture. You know that double mint chewing gum you can buy and it’s a slightly different texture to normal chewing gum – it was like that. But like tasteless. And apparently you ate the scales. Well I wasn’t going too.

We had an hour to chill at the hotel after this before setting off back to Ho Chi Minh city. We made quite good time, and it didn’t seem quite as long on the way back.


We visited a pagoda in the city, where we wrote our name on a piece of paper to bring our family good luck. Adrian also prayed to the money god, we’ll see if it works!



We got off the bus at the Notre Dame Cathedral – which was built by the French, not as impressive as the one in France I don’t think.


That night our tour guide had booked us in to a special restaurant with amazing views on the 51st floor (this wasn’t part of our tour, so this was a meal we had to pay for). The menu was so expensive and we felt terribly embarrassed but had to leave because of how expensive it was. We were nearly at the end of our holiday and had to make our remaining spending money last obviously, and hadn’t factored into our budget any meals like that as most things had been included. It stressed me out, but I got over it pretty quickly when we went down a floor into the Cafe to have a cocktail instead. We hadn’t eaten anything for hours and was so hungry so it didn’t take long for the cocktail to have an effect! After this we found a nice simple cafe, and have to admit we indulged ourselves on western food again, oops!

Afterwards we went to the hotel bar and had another cocktail, before going to bed before our last full day of our tour!

Creative Cowell x



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