Vietnam Explorer Day #8

Today I woke up and I didn’t feel well at all. With a full day ahead and a flight later on I wasn’t too chuffed. I won’t go into too much detail but luckily we walked past a pharmacy which I was able to dive into and get some antibiotics. Yep, that’s right, no prescription necessary…

I pressed on knowing at least I’ll feel better soon. We had a walking tour of Hoi An to explore a ancient house (which we missed because it was our moment to dive into the pharmacy), and then have lunch in a local restaurant before getting on the minibus.

Our lunch was very nice, outside by the river. I’m not a selfie taker usually, but I tried to take a lot whilst on holiday with Adrian just so we had some pictures of us while we were in Vietnam.

2015-10-29 21.36.18

We had a flight at half 2 so we were on the road to the airport. We were flying to Banmethuot, and it was the tiniest plane I had ever seen/ been on. It was a little scary. We got there safely and soundly though, and we were straight on the next minibus with our tour guide and an additional tour guide from the area. We first went to another market – I won’t bore you with pictures as it was much the same as the rest we’d been too (mopeds nearly running us over, lots and lots of fruit etc).


Puppy guarding some chickens anyone?


We then visited some traditional long houses. They were quite lovely – some of them were obviously new additions, a lot had other buildings in the back.


By the evening I was feeling a lot better, and went to dinner with everyone. Then it was time for bed! Another day gone. The next post is A LOT more exciting!

Creative Cowell x



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