Vietnam Explorer Day #6

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This morning was our last morning in Hue, where we were traveling to Hoi An (which was one of my fave places) with some sightseeing along the way. We went via the Hai Van Pass – which is quite a dangerous wind-ey road round a mountain to the top, and then down the otherside. We went this way for the view, which was pretty spectacular.


We then visited the Cham Museum – which I found a little Dull (sorry). It just wasn’t a very well laid out museum!

2015-10-27 12.37.34

Can’t resist a bit of typography…

We stopped shortly after to have lunch – which wasn’t included in our plan, so the tour guide took us to somewhere the bus driver had suggested, which was actually really nice! It was just like some noodles, fish and other vegetables in like a soup, but it was a lot nicer than ones we had tried previously.

Next was Non Nuoc beach, which is apparently one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, not that I had seen any others so I couldn’t really tell you if this was true.


After that it was back on the minibus yet again, to go to Non Nuoc Mountain, which was one of the Marble Mountains. There are five, which represent their five elements – Metal, Fire, Wood, Earth and Water. There was a lift up this mountain, but instead Me, Adi and one of the others in the group decided to climb the 150-uneven-different sized steps up the mountain instead. Even though I was shattered and out of breath by the time I reached the top, I was glad Adi persuaded me to do it as we saw things along the way we wouldn’t have seen had we used the lift. It was a sense of achievement too! Not quite Everest though…

2015-10-27 14.04.18

2015-10-27 14.05.17 HDR

This mountain also contained my favourite pagoda of the trip. It was concealed inside a cave, and I felt a bit like Laura Croft raiding an ancient tomb when we went inside, it was pretty amazing. There was so much condensation inside too because of the humidity that water was just dripping down the walls. Gave it that extra touch.

2015-10-27 14.15.07

2015-10-27 14.14.58

2015-10-27 14.29.07

Sorry for the shocking pictures, they were taken on my phone…

A little way further on the minibus and we arrived at our hotel in Hoi An – The Anantara Hotel. This was my favourite hotel from the whole holiday. It was quite modern with a ‘living space’ as you walk through the door, and then the bedroom on a second level – all open plan with an ensuite bathroom at the end.

2015-10-27 16.18.05

We had a bit of time on our own before heading back out to explore the town. Duy our tour guide took us to the best tailors in the town, and Adrian chose a suit that he will be wearing to our wedding next October. We had already decided prior to going that it would probably be a nice idea, it makes it a little bit more special that it was especially made! Also he finds it quite hard to find suits to fit him properly because he’s quite lanky (Sorry Adi but it’s true!) which was another reason why I thought it was a good idea. The place was called Yaleys – and we were looked after from the moment we arrived in the shop. There were catalogues upon catalogues of suits, dresses and other garments that you could have made for you – they even had wedding dresses! But there was nothing I liked and I wouldn’t do that to my mum haha.

2015-10-27 18.01.01

Firstly he chose the style of suit he wanted, and then the colour/ fabric. The walls were lined with masses of materials – but he had narrowed it down to a dark blue. I think there were around 40 dark blues. We had finally got it between two fabrics – one more expensive than the other one. We were persuaded with the more expensive one with the temptation of a free hand made shirt thrown in – why not! Next was the lining of the suit. Adi chose purple, because that’s the colour we are having at our wedding, which surprisingly goes quite well. Then was choosing the cufss, the collar (the list goes on). It’s amazing that you got to choose every little detail. We chose a plain white shirt to go with the suit. Then came the measuring, which of cause had to be very precise! By the way I’m afraid I won’t be posting any pictures of the finished result – you’ll just have to wait until October 2016!

We spent around an hour in there anyway, and then Duy showed us around the rest of the town. It was a lot more touristy than the other destinations we had been to so far – it kind of made a nice change to be around other tourists! We ate in a lovely restaurant that night where the menu’s were on ipads!


That concludes Day #6! I cannot wait until my macbook is fixed so that I can start doing my Vlog – I have SO MANY VIDEOS!

Creative Cowell x


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