Vietnam Explorer Day #5

Because we were so late checking into the hotel the previous night, we actually got a tiny bit of a lay-in, hooray!

We got up and ate breakfast outside in the courtyard, next to quite an extravagant fountain, and then met the group in reception. Firstly we were to visit the Imperial Citadel. This was like the emperors city – who lived in the centre with the other royals, and then all of the ‘help’ lived in the surrounding buildings. It was a huge place, but unfortunately a lot of it is in ruins now because of the Vietnam war. Bullet holes can be seen along the walls, walls torn down by explosions. It was really hard to imagine that we were stood in the same place as all of this fighting went on.


DSC_0529smaller DSC_0532smaller



Then we visited Dong Ba Market – we seemed to be visit quite a lot of markets on this trip. All of them relatively the same. You walk around trying to not get run over by the many mopeds speeding up and down the aisles. They basically do there shopping from there mopeds. What happened to good old walking!


After that we got on the minibus to get to the river. The boats were quite decorative with dragons on the front.


We were going on a leisurely cruise down Perfume River, to get to Thien Mu Pagoda. This was the city’s oldest and most revered ancient monument. It was quite a beautiful place. Looking up the stairs at the pagoda, there was a swarm of dragonflies which just really added to the picture. It was just really something to be stood in front of.





Later on that day, we visited the Royal Tomb of King Minh Mang. All of these places we were visiting were incredibly beautiful. The pictures just don’t do them any justice!



Whilst we were there, we also tried ‘Sugar Cane Juice’ – which was very interesting… it was actually quite nice, just very sweet and sickly. They just crushed sugarcane in this press – I didn’t even know there was any juice in sugarcane!

Tonight was the first night that dinner wasn’t included in our meal plan, and we could choose what we wanted. We didn’t get too adventurous, and being s tired as we were, we stayed and had dinner at the hotel. We had western food ha! It just made a nice change! Afterwards we had a wander down the road to see what was around – which wasn’t a huge amount! We decided to have a fairly early night to gather some energy up for the next day. Which was another day of traveling with sightseeing on the way.

Creative Cowell x


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