Vietnam Explorer Day #4

I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far! This one is relatively short one.

It was an early rise (again) today, and the boat moved off to a new location whilst we were having breakfast, ready to go and see some caves. They were quite impressive, but extremely busy with tourists, which made it quite difficult to move around.



Once back on the boat, we made it back to the harbour where we boarded, and on the way we had brunch. Now. It’s my understanding that brunch is had when you don’t have breakfast or lunch? Well on this day we had breakfast, brunch (which was the same size as the lunches we’d been having previously, which were huge) and then around 2 hours later, a lunch. At lunch, I don’t think I ate a think. I felt so guilty, but I don’t know how anybody could eat anything! I think everyone else was eating it to be polite, but we still had 3 hours on the minibus and then a flight, so overeating wasn’t the best of ideas…

We had the first one of our many internal flights at 7pm that day – and arrived in Hue that night at the Hotel Saigon Morin. Our room was amazing! I think the room and bathroom combined was bigger than the ground floor of our house at home.


So today was another long day of traveling – which we seemed to have quite a lot of, but I guess that’s inevitable on these kind of trips!

Creative Cowell x



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