Vietnam Explorer Day #3

Today was one of the days I was most looking forward to, which for someone who doesn’t like boats, you’d agree is probably pretty weird. We had another early start to begin our minibus journey to Halong city, to board a traditional ‘junk’ (the Image Halong Cruise) around the limestone islands around Halong Bay (Yes it’s that place they went on Top Gear where they made those boats and get lost!).


The view from our room

Our room was lovely and we had our own little balcony.



I was looking forward to this because it sounded from our itinerary that it was going to be the most relaxing day of the trip, and I was bang on. After boarding, we enjoyed lunch (the food was probably the best throughout the holiday too!) and then took a smaller boat around the floating village. It was so quiet, and amazing that this was how these people lived, on the water with no electricity or contact to the mainland. Our tour guide was saying that it will die out pretty soon because they’ll be the last generation that will want to live like that – so it was quite something to see.



I did freak out a little bit when I found out we had then get on a boat even smaller to go around the village…



After the boat ride we went back to the main ship and had the rest of the day to do as we pleased. We sat up on the sundeck for the rest of the afternoon, and then after dinner when the sun went down, we continued to sit up there because it was so peaceful. Was also nice to have some time on our own! Being in a tour group did have its bad points.


Dinner however was quite eventful. There was a couple in a group that were on there honeymoon, so got a lovely carved watermelon (its more beautiful than it sounds, trust me) and we were sat opposite them. Once we’d had our one million courses for dinner, the lights went out with some grand music. Some waiters came up the stairs with 4 cocktails and said “congratulations to the TWO couples on there honeymoon” – and everybody cheered. I was so embarrassed! I don’t like public displays like that as it is but it’s even worse when what they are saying isn’t actually true…


But hey we got a free cocktail!

So as you can see we didn’t particularly do a lot today… it was like a normal holiday-day. But it’s pretty much the only one.

Creative Cowell x


2 thoughts on “Vietnam Explorer Day #3

  1. angelakoblitz says:

    I have never tried that but it seems quiet legit. I would get sea sick for sure but I mean, it’s definitely worth it, right? I heard from people that you could get a cooking course as well. Is it true?


    • Creative Cowell says:

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      It was so calm on the water so I’d be surprised if you got seasick unless you really suffer with it! It was lovely. You may be able to get a cooking course on other ones, but I don’t think it was something you could do with Image Halong Cruise. I had some cooking classes in other parts of Vietnam, I’ll be posting about them soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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