Vietnam Explorer Day #2

Friday 23rd October 2015

This was our first proper full on day of our tour. I wish I could say I woke up feeling refreshed from my sleep but I really didn’t. I slept really badly, probably because I’d been up so long in the first place. But the day had to go on, and we were up, dressed and had breakfast by 8.00am ready to start the day.

Firstly we visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, but just the outside. Apparently they have Ho Chi Minh’s body on display, which they get embalmed every year. I found it a little bit gross but kind of glad we weren’t going in to see! The younger generation in Vietnam apparently protest regularly against his body being used in this way, as it was against his wishes.


After this we visited the Ethology museum, which had the house where Ho Chi Minh used to live, and the cars he used to drive. The morning at these two places were extremely rushed, a flying visit really. We were back on the minibus in no time on the way to an ancient house for our first cookery lesson.


Yellow is the Royal colour in Vietnam.

Out of the three cookery lessons we had, this was probably my least favourite as there wasn’t much that we could do. We learnt how to make spring rolls and a dipping sauce, which were both really nice. We were then given lunch, cooked by the owners of the house, we were like their guests for a few hours. Lunches were also like the same meal size as dinner, which me and Adrian could not handle. I’m used to having a sandwich for dinner for christ sakes, not a 7 course meal! Even with all of the walking we were doing…




After lunch we jumped back on the bus to see some other sites along the way back to Hanoi. We visited the Temple of Literature, which was a beautiful place where students come to study.

Now was time for the Cyclo tour. Experiencing Vietnam’s traffic in a bus, I certainly didn’t want to be on a bike in it, but braved it anyway. I think I had the worst driver out of the eight. Just saying. Mine crashed into someone on a peddle bike. I wasn’t happy. But it was an experience none-the-less.


Yup, that was me looking really nervous.

The day still wasn’t over yet! I think this was the busiest day we had, which for technically our first full day there was pretty full on! Once we got off the Cyclo tour, we had a short walk to get to the water puppet show, which is a Vietnamese style puppet show, where they control puppets underwater with bamboo sticks.

Our meal wasn’t included that night, so our tour guide showed us to a local (using the term VERY loosely) restaurant, where they served some kind of noodle, meat thing swimming in soup. They call it a ‘medicine’ soup because of all the apparent health benefits from the herbs and spices used. It was nice enough, although I know now why we had some many injections before going out…

Finally to top the night off, Duy took us to a panoramic sky bar, where we all enjoyed a drink and the view. We were suspended in the air by glass and it was a beautiful view of Hanoi at night.



I took loads of videos whilst I was there, and am hoping to do a vlog once I get my macbook back! (it’s in for repair right now 😥 )

Hope you enjoyed this post, they’ll be another soon!

Creative Cowell x



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