Shady Characters

I’ve been posting a lot about what I’m reading lately – in truth I tend to dip in and out of a lot of books at a time, my focus is rarely just on one. Shady Characters by Keith Houston was another book I had gotten for my birthday, this time from my brother (thanks Ryan).

This is a bit different to the design books I’m used too – it’s a lot more informative, going through the history of why and how certain punctuation exists. The ampersand is my favourite chapter as I’m sure you’d have guessed. I’ve always quite enjoyed learning the theory behind things, but never thought of looking into the history of punctuation and typographic characters. I must admit, I’ve only dipped in and out of this book so far, but thats another thing that’s nice about it; it is written in a way that you don’t have to read it cover to cover.


Talking of the cover, I LOVE the book cover. I think it’s now my favourite out of all the books I own. I’ve seen a white version around on the internet, but definitely prefer this one!

Overall, If you like reading about history and love typography, give this a go. If you are someone that buys a design book just for the pictures, I wouldn’t recommend this one as there aren’t many! But the author does a brilliant job of bringing out the past of the characters and linking it beautifully with the present and the future.


It’s also now less than a week until I go on my travels (eek!) getting rather excited now.

Creative Cowell x


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