A night at the Pictures: The Martian

A week on Friday night I took a trip to our local cinema to watch the muchly anticipated (in our household anyway) The Martian. My fiancé had read the popular book by Andy Weir, and ever since it was announced that it was being made into a film, he was bouncing off the walls! I like Sci-Fi and space films, but usually this kind of thing doesn’t really appeal that greatly to me. After seeing the trailer however, my mind was quickly changed, and I booked tickets as a treat for us and the fellow Warmans’ (the fiancé’s dad and little brother) for a night at the pictures.

Overall the film had everything, humour, action and of course Matt Damon. Who doesn’t love Matt Damon?


I’ve always had a little thing for NASA. Not wanting to actually join but more of a respect for there ‘worm’ visual identity. It’s a very timeless designed logo, designed in 1974, it still looks modern and reflects what NASA is today. It was designed by New York studio Danne & Blackburn, designed to replace the famous blue round marque. I personally like the ‘worm’ logo better!

I managed to find some lovely hi-res scans of the original identity guide, over at Tim George Design – the below images are owned by him.



Aren’t they lovely?! Recently there was a kickstarter campaign, that was very successful, in reissuing the identity guidelines as a hardcover book.

Anyway, back to the film. If you are even just the slightest bit interested in space, this film will entertain you for 2hrs easily. Matt Damon was as good as ever (I do like a bit of Matt Damon), and apparently most of the film (and book) are scientifically accurate. Apart from the big storms. Apparently that doesn’t happen on Mars.

I’ll definitely be watching it again when I get the chance!

Creative Cowell x

P.s. My macbook has currently died (the screen has gone) so I’ve been a little thrown off with having to share a laptop with Adi and only being able to edit photos on my imac at work… Bear with.


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