The Creative Exchange Project

This is quite a quick post about my recently self set project. The runtime is unknown, which makes it equally exciting!

So recently I’ve set myself a little project to send some mail art to some creatives that will respond with something interesting. Easier said than done. I have a few volunteers (thank you A Sparkle, Tea, Cake & Make and Graphique Fantastique – check out their blogs for more information about them) which I will be sending something too soon! With my adventure holiday fast approaching, I’m hoping to get something out before then, but I can’t make any promises! I’m especially excited about sending and receiving from A Sparkle, there is something strangely more exciting about receiving something from overseas.

I decided to set myself this little project after realising my Throwback posts would eventually (and now have) come to an end. I think having something creative for me to focus on also keeps me going and motivated to do it, because once I’ve told people about it I of cause feel like I have to go through with it!

There were a mixture of things that inspired me to do this kind of project. I’ve followed Lestaret for a while now, and particularly loved his ‘Book Exchange’ project, where him and another guy called Nick would make a book and send to the other one. I loved the idea of sending something unexpected to somebody and then receiving something back. So after looking in depth at Lestaret’s project, I started to look at what else is out there. I think this one was one a particular favourite of mine called Mail Me Art.


(Image owned by Mail Me Art)

I also think back to when we did the fundraising auction at Uni, Auction13, where it was such a treat receiving designed postcards from creatives all over the world.

Opening them up was my favourite part!

So keep a look out, as I will be posting about what I send AND what I receive (no pressure guys!) – and I’m very excited to get started.

I haven’t really set any rules for this project, which I think will make it more interesting, or maybe it will make it more difficult to think of something to send… definitely more difficult.

Creative Cowell x


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