Throwback Thursday #10

The last one!


This weeks post is about something that can be a bit touchy for me to talk about. Form & Function was the name of our collective design studio that I set up along with my two friends from University. Winning the Market Rasen bid for the Destination Branding spurred us on all the more – we felt unstoppable! We even managed to get a grant from the Universities Enterprise scheme aimed at starting new businesses, something else we had to pitch for and won.

It all got a bit hard when University finished and we left to come back to Norfolk, we had to get other jobs to allow us to live our lives whilst trying to keep our studio alive. This was the hard bit, and the bit that killed Form & Function unfortunately.

I kept going for around a year, sorting contracts, researching into what kind of prices we should charge. Along with working full time as a designer at a sign company to pay for my car, my board at home and having general spending money to do stuff with. It wasn’t making me very happy to say the least.

Then, in the November of 2013, I suddenly lost my nan. I was very close to her, so obviously took it very hard. It was a very hard time for me. I was juggling with the grief, working full time at a sign company, completing a CIM qualification in Marketing and trying to keep a new relationship going all at once! I couldn’t do it, and nearly broke down. I had to eliminate at least one of them, so decided to get rid of (at the time was only temporarily) being part of the business. I sat down with my business partners and explained that it was something I would have to leave for now and come back to it once everything had calmed down.

Unfortunately, after a few months, they didn’t want to carry it on anymore, so the business was in the simplest terms declared dead. Looking back, I do regret pulling out, but I also have to think about what would have happened to me if I’d have kept going the way I was. I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep my relationship going with Adrian, who I’m extremely happy with and is a massive part of my life.

I do think about going it alone – doing some freelance work, but feel like I’m still gaining experience in my field. It’s definitely something I want to do in the future! I’m also not very good at failing, hence why it’s so hard for me to talk about. People who know me well know not to bring the subject up!

Do you have your own business? How hard was it for you in the beginning? 

I set up a blog as Form & Function – if you’d like to read more about it go here. That’s the end of my Throwback posts I’m afraid – but won’t be the end to my posting. I’m still planning on keeping it going. Although I will be a little quieter this month as I’ll be out of the country! Time to schedule some posts I think…

Creative Cowell x


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #10

  1. Natasha says:

    I can imagine it was quite hard to write this post, but I think raw and honest posts like this are what blogging is really about. Although it didn’t work out for you guys (for now), it’s still made you who you are and you’ve learnt so much from it. It was a really ambitious thing to do and you should feel really proud when you look back on it! 🙂


  2. Creative Cowell says:

    Thanks Tasha – it was really hard to write!! But feel like it happened long enough ago now to be able to talk about it. I think your mind runs away with itself when you leave University, the reality is that you can’t do everything at once! Unfortunately… 🙂


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