Pinterest for Bloggers?

Who here uses Pinterest? Who here uses Pinterest as a tool to get more blog traffic? Me neither.

I’ve started recently listening to some podcasts and was surprised at the amount of design and creative related podcasts are available on itunes. A particular favourite of mine at the moment is How They Blog. In the second episode ‘Strategic Blogging’, Kat Lee interviews blogger Rebekah Hoffer about how Pinterest tripled her blog traffic.

There are 3 simple steps to make Pinterest a successful aid in getting your blog ‘out there’.

  • Content & Images – content is king. But without images, there will be nothing to pin. Good images are mandatory, but remember they can also be text images.
  • Organise your profile. Have boards that cater to your blog at the top where they will be seen first; this attracts the right audience.
  • Get in on group boards. Search keywords on Pinterest to find group boards and ask if you can contribute.

Another thing that Rebekah mentions, is scheduling pins. I never even knew you could do this, but with an application like Ahalogy, you can! (At the time of the podcast, Ahalogy was free, but since then it looks like it’s something aimed more at business marketing). There are others such as Viralwoot (free) and Viraltag (pay for).

Top Tip: Pinning others’ pins amongst your own helps to not annoy your followers. A mixture of your own and other pins from the same niche or subject will look a lot better anyway!

type board

(Image taken from my I ❤ Typography board)

Can I pin the same pin more than once?
Apparently the answer to this is yes. Rebekah says she tells her clients to ‘pin the same pin more than what you find comfortable and then that’s probably enough’. I’m not sure how I feel about putting the same pin on the same board more than once… so I may not take that advice myself. But it does help if you have more than once image per blog post you can use. I already do this with promoting my posts via Twitter and Instagram – if I have more than one picture to use for the specific post, I feel a bit better about tweeting about it more than a couple of times.

# Tagging
Hashtags on Pinterest are not needed. Pinterest works from keywords – so just make sure all your keywords are put in your description on your pin!

Another interesting thing that Rebekah said was act like you are already significant. Write like you are talking to someone specific, someone you know will enjoy the content you are putting out there.

Pinterest for me has always been a personal application that allows me to compile pictures of things I want to remember. I never thought that by other people doing this, it could make them want to pin one of your pins because of a list or ‘how to’ from your own blog. Amazing! I’m definitely going to be giving this a go.

If you’d like to give it a listen for yourself, the podcast is available here (It’s number 2).

Creative Cowell x

Credits to How To Blog (Kat Lee) and Simply Rebekah (Rebekah Hoffer) Thanks for the tips!

Link to my pinterest.


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