Throwback Thursday #8

Barcelona – February 2014

Last year I was itching to go on a trip somewhere – so me and Adrian decided to jet off for a long weekend somewhere. We decided to tie it in with Valentines day. I’d always wanted to try Barcelona, so Adrian let me have my way and off we went! It was quite last minute, I think we booked it about three weeks before we ended up going.

It was a lovely weekend, although I’m used to going somewhere where there is tons to do – I found Barcelona quite limiting.

It was absolutely gorgeous weather whilst we were there. We were walking around in t-shirts, the locals were all still wrapped up in coats! We didn’t really go for the sun so it was a nice added bonus.


This was something I’d wanted to see for a long time – The Sagrada Familia. It’s a pretty amazing building.


And of cause I can’t resist a bit of typography. I loved these typographic carvings that had been created. We didn’t see an awful lot else while we were there, but it was nice to walk around a new place and chill out. We found a nice park with some fountains too, which looked like it was half finished.


It had some really cool gold sculptures on top of the buildings.

Overall it was a bit of a different city break to what I’m used too. It was like a nice little mini holiday! I’m nearly at the end of my throwback posts with only a couple left – but I’m hoping to keep up the ‘travel’ posts when I come back from Vietnam (5 weeks yesterday until we go!). It’s going to be rammed with different things so I’m eager to capture every moment of it.

I’ve also got an interesting new project lined up. I’ll keep you posted.

Creative Cowell x





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