Harvey Lloyd Screens

This is a short post but definitely something worth blogging about!

I follow Anthony Burrill, who is one of my all time favourite Graphic Designers, on Instagram and noticed he was posting about a screen printing firm that he had designed a samples book for. So, curious, I of cause took a closer look.


Harvey Lloyd Screens were offering these samples to people that wanted them (as a limited supply) and I just had to have one! I could smell the printing ink as soon as I opened the box, which took me back a few years. The pages are all different materials and effectively shows how they can screen print, in various colours, onto these materials and ‘any material’ apparently! As you can see, the book is very much in Anthony’s graphic style.


I also love the use of triangles in this!


And there is also a page with a nice big dye-cut circle.


Designed by Anthony Burrill – printed by Harvey Lloyd Screens.

Harvey Lloyd Screens are based in East Sussex and have all sorts of printing equipment, including digital printing. Contact them here for your printing needs. I also recommend you check them out on Instagram, they’re always posting some interesting stuff they’re working on.

So there you have it. A lovely screen printed book that can be added to my collection of little graphic things I love.

Creative Cowell x


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