Just Jump

I previously went into a bit of a lull with designing and blogging. My happiness and creativity suffered a great deal and I thought I’d share with you all why this was.

Around Christmas last year, I started to get so frustrated at my previous job that it started to take over my whole life. It feels a little bit limited in Norfolk for design jobs and after seeing some people I know do it, I was determined not to get a ‘fill in’ job just anywhere to tide me over. Even though the thought seemed more and more tempting everyday…

I applied for a few jobs, with one in particular that I hoped for. I’d staying in my previous job for as long as I had, mostly due to lack of self confidence. I didn’t feel good enough to get a design job anywhere else. The job I was hoping to get, felt like it was completely out of my league. I made a risky move by only including work from University in my portfolio – the truth was, I didn’t really have any original sign work or anything I was proud to call mine! Apart from a few road signs, but that was of course the work of Margaret Calvert.

I luckily got the job I wanted – I think I’ll always remember the day I found out. My now manager called me about an hour after I had my interview. I could hardly hide my glee from my then current employer!

Later on I found out that part of the reason I got my job, was because of my blog. So, part of my advice is, if you have one, keep it going because you never know what it might lead to and who’s reading it! I am so much happier now and got more job satisfaction in my first week than my whole 18 months at the previous sign company.

Which brings me to the other part of my advice, what have you got to lose? If you’re unhappy and hate your job, it really is no effort at all to send a few people your CV and digital portfolio (if you’re a designer like me), because you really never know. It happened to me, so it can most certainly happen to you too. Just jump!

Because you never know

(Also, the sign company went out of business about a month after I started at the housing association I am at now, which is another sign I believe it was meant to be!)


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