Throwback Thursday #7

Graduation – September 2013

A few days ago marked two years since I graduated! So I thought I would dedicate this post on tips of how to enjoy your special day.

#1 It’s your day – enjoy it!
This is at the top of the list and I can’t stress it enough. Graduating is a big deal, it’s the ending of a big chunk of your life and it has to be celebrated! All of your hard work boils down to this day. I have to say that I’m not one to be up on stage in front of loads of people, but when my name got called I wasn’t even nervous about walking out. It was my day and I was achieving something I’d aimed to do since I finished High School – get a degree. You only get one graduation day, so enjoy it!


#2 Don’t trip
Talking of the stage… concentrate on your steps and don’t trip! Most ceremonies get filmed by the university and the last thing you want to be remembered for is a classic youtube moment…


#3 Don’t style your hair
Meaning clipping it up etc. There really is no point. The hats are so awkward, the last thing you want to do is have to re-do your hair after you’ve given the cap and gowns back.


#4 Have a picture taker
Having somebody in your family nominated to take photos would be a brilliant help. You’ll be too busy catching up with friends, and probably saying goodbye to most of them for good. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to capture every moment, so give the job to somebody else.


#5 Wear something light
The gowns can be quite heavy and are thick – so depending on what time of year you are graduating, you may want to wear something light underneath. I wore a dress and I was still so hot!


#6 Don’t worry
This is probably a harder one to follow. Graduation marks the end of one era and the start of a new one, but most won’t know what they are going onto next. I thought I did… but thats for another time. Relax, do some careful planning and work out what you want to do and where you want to go. For instance, I knew I didn’t want to start off in London, but have always considered I may end up there one day. Everybody’s different, and London isn’t the only place for design jobs.

So two years on, I work as an in-house designer for a housing association, I’m engaged and planning a wedding, I’ve moved out of my parents house and is renting with my other half. Oh, and I have two cats. Was any of that in my plans? Nope.

But I’m happy, and that’s all that matters.

Creative Cowell x



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