Jaunt to London

So about a month ago it was my birthday – so having a few days of we went to London on the Monday to have a look around a few things that I’ve wanted to see for a while. It’s been a whole year since I’ve been to London – which is a long time seeing as it’s only a couple of hours down the road.


First on my list was the St Brides print foundation – I found out recently that they will be closing so it was definitely a must that I went to see it while I could.


Having worked with road signs previously for well over a year, I sometimes find it hard to appreciate the design aspect and history of the road sign. I kind of associate it now with a place I hate which I know isn’t the road signs fault. It was a lovely collection and it’s a shame it will no longer be on show and stored away somewhere.


My favourite part was the shop – the urge not to buy it all was so strong! Seriously trying to save money right now… but it’s free to look right?! Even Adrian was quite impressed with the posters, cards and books on offer. And I also loved the signage.




After our venture there, we walked over to the Southbank centre. I wanted to see the neon sign collection they had bought together for the ‘Festival of Love’. Adrian was also intrigued by the big flowers they have on display that were full of lights which I hadn’t spotted before. The idea was that two people put there hand on each side and the lights changed to match the couples heart beat – they were beautiful and very fitting to the ‘love’ theme.


I always find that time always runs away with you with the fast pace of London! After a spot of lunch we continued to Charing Cross, to look at all the rare and quirky book shops. Adrian LOVES books. I mean loves them. If we has space for a library he would have one. So this was a little thing he could enjoy as I didn’t want to fill the whole day with what I wanted! Especially as he is very good at understanding and putting up with all my designer-ry comments and conversations.

All in all – I don’t want to wait another whole year until our next visit, but with a lot of costly things on the horizon it might well be the case…

Creative Cowell x


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