So you think you’re organised?

Many people would say I’m a very organised person. I would say I’m an organised person. When I want to remember something, I immediately write it down or put it in my calendar if it’s a particular date I have to remember.

I came across the ‘Getting Things Done’ book by David Allen by my colleague who had had a training session about it – and passed some of the materials on to me to take a look at. And later on was sent a link to this site – where David Allen talks about the method to his madness.

The Basics

The first step is to write everything down, ‘capturing’ your projects, goals and To Do’s. All of these things take up mental space, which makes it easy for you to forget the unimportant things or even the important things! Now I do this by writing lists. Lists are like my best friend, theres never one too far away for me too add or cross out! I write most of my lists at work, but David says that writing down your ‘things to do at work’ list isn’t enough. I now have a work list, blog list, personal errand list and a personal goals list, which all get reviewed regularly.

The next step is to clarify. Most people when they write a list write a couple of trigger words – which they know they’ll remember what it means. This still requires a lot of brainpower, so clarify the outcome and define your next action.

Doing these simple things will allow you to increase your capacity to think and be creative!

some people

The way I keep track of my thoughts/ideas/dates to remember is in several ways. I have a Filofax (which I love by the way) that I use for work/personal stuff, mainly dates and slotting in meetings and deadlines for when I have to complete things. I then have my outlook calendar on my Mac – this is mainly for work stuff, and for making appointments and meetings with my team and other colleagues. Lastly I have a little notebook for little to dos that I keep in my handbag. Currently, I have a ‘Vietnam’ to do list for things I need to do before I go away, a ‘need to pack’ list, so I don’t forget to pack the important stuff,  a wedding list (of what I need to do next!) and a blog post list which I refer to for ideas.

How do you keep organised? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @creative_cowell

Creative Cowell x


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