The Adana Press

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this already. I deserve a slap on the wrist, I really do.

Christmas seems like it was an age ago, but I remember it well. That is because I may have gotten one of the best things a Graphic Designer that is obsessed with letters could get. An Adana 5×3 press. In fact, I’m not quite sure how Adrian is going to top it this Christmas, but he can sure try haha!

It’s been sat in the spare room looking all sad and lonely since Christmas, the reason being I haven’t been able to afford any rollers for it (which sadly didn’t come with the machine – ebay for you). But I’ve FINALLY ordered some, and can’t wait to try it out. It has been torture, trying to forget I’ve got access to this wonderful thing I could be messing about with on quiet evenings and weekends – but I’m finally going to be able to see what it can do.

I luckily got a few typesets with it as well – mostly times new roman I think and a few other random ones. I have big plans for this little machine so hopefully it will all work when I get the rollers on!





There was also some lovely printed material that was folded into one of the boxes – from 1972! All in all there is a very musty smell about most of this stuff…


I’ve had a little go with setting up the chase – packing it out with ‘furniture’, but it is rock hard with the type being so small. I’m hoping something will click soon and I’ll get the hang of it!

Creative Cowell x


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