Throwback Thursday #3

Leeds Print Festival

January 2012 – 3 Years ago


I’m surprised I never blogged about this, but a few years ago me and Helen bought some tickets for the Leeds Print Festival. As I had my car at our house at University (because some of us worked!), I decided to drive us. Boy was that a bad idea. I really did hate the Leeds road system for some reason and it didn’t help that my Sat Nav was so rubbish on the way home that it would tell me after a motorway exit that I had to exit…

The print festival itself was great. It was a two day affair, the first being a lot of print workshops where Lestaret was one of the lovely few demonstrating some print techniques. Me and Helen attended for the talks on day two. Tasha and Jack went for both days and we met up with them there.

We had three brilliant talks whilst there – one from Generation Press, where they talked about the way they operate and the different print jobs that they have processed. They do a brilliant range of different finishes like colour edging.

The second was Si Scott. Si is classed as an illustrative typographer and has done some amazing work.

b93b44c6de71bd999a28261c8a54f490 e61e24123cdc84f5544fc0cb0f636e75

(Taken from Si Scott’s Behance page)

And as a bonus from what I remember he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.



And finally, (*drum roll please*) was Anthony Burrill. He is a real design hero of mine, so getting the opportunity to hear him talk about his work was a treat! I’ve loved his work since discovering his screen prints whilst at Uni, but sadly don’t own one of them yet (there’s still time!).

I think one of my favourite peices of his is the ‘Oil and water do not mix’ poster shown below. It was done for charity and printed with the oil from an oil slick on the Gulf of Mexico. A lovely video here shows the project:

So that was my lovely experience at the Leeds Print Festival. I’ll leave you with this video that Anthony showed in his presentation which he created as a self promo called Michelle plays ping pong. It is one of those things that really sticks in your head and you randomly think about now and again, I know I do!

Michelle Plays Ping Pong from Anthony Burrill on Vimeo.

It must be the beat…

I’m going to make sure I keep an eye out for next years festival!

Creative Cowell x


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