Throwback Thursday #1

Postcard Auction 13

May 2013 – 2 years ago

The other day I was talking to my boss about different designers I’ve been lucky enough to meet through our talks we had an university, and it got me thinking about my days at Lincoln as a student.

I rediscovered the old Auction 13 blog, which I was really happy still existed over here.

I was lucky enough to bag a couple of postcards myself – one from Kyle Wilkinson at DMSQD who I still quite closely follow on instagram and the like:


…and one from my previous college tutor, Chris Skinner (Lestaret). Never forget where you came from!


It was really good fun being part of the team, raising a fair bit of money towards our end of year show and contacting loads of interesting designers. We had postcards from Erik Spiekermann, Alan Kitching and Seb Lester.

It was pretty exciting bidding on them – we held an ebay auction for ease and to keep the costs low (we were raising money after all!)

IMG_0932_zps81b344b4(All excited bidding on the post cards we wanted! From left to right – Me, my mum (she was up for the weekend), Helen, James and Jack)

Photos by Tasha.

CC x


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