Seb Lester

I had a bit of an early birthday surprise last week due to the fact that my other half decided it would be okay for me to go and collect a parcel from the post office, telling me it’s my birthday present (in two weeks time) and it turning out to be a roll tube.

There are only so many things that would come in a roll tube so I obviously assumed it was a print of some sort.

I was happy to wait – knowing that it could only be a few designers as I don’t mention them that much to him! But he thought it would take away the excitement if I had to wait, so I opened it on Friday to be presented with…




(Pictures taken from Seb Lester’s shop, mines going up on the wall this weekend!)

A calligraphy piece by Seb Lester, my favourite calligrapher ever! I’ve always loved his work and imagined having one of his pieces on my wall, but thanks to Adrian I now don’t have to!

I’d love to someday learn how to do calligraphy myself, and to be honest I have no excuse not to learn with the abundance of tutorials that can be found online. I should give it a go…

CC x


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