Winner winner…

Lots of people ask me – “How do you win all of these competitions?!” and “You ACTUALLY won a holiday?!” Yes, yes I did 🙂

It has become a bit of a hobby of mine, because who doesn’t like getting free stuff? So basically my new hobby is getting free stuff.

I use a brilliant forum on MSE (Money Saving Expert or otherwise known as Martins Money) called Competition Time. Once somebody finds a competition that can be entered via the internet, somebody will post it, with a link, information about the prize and any additional terms and conditions that you should be aware of when entering.

The page is here, I advise you set up an account with them because you can then track what you have entered and what you haven’t (tick or cross). They have absolutely thousands of competitions listed on there and what’s more is you can search the end date or a specific prize. So for instance, if I wanted to search all of the competitions that ended on the day after I was entering them I would type E 07/07 (E date/month) for example.

A few Tips I’ve picked up from doing them for so long:

  • Most competitions are 18 or over, so it’s best to check the terms if your not 18 yet.
  • When entering holiday competitions, ALWAYS check the terms to make sure flights are included – I never enter them if they aren’t otherwise its an extra expensive you might not be able to afford when the competition closes.
  • There are some competitions (postal for example) that you pay for because of postage, I never enter these as there are a vast amount of free competitions online to enter.
  • Twitter competitions are the easiest. I set up a separate twitter account to my personal one as otherwise it would just get full of spam tweets. A simple follow and retweet enters you into the comp – easy peasy! You can also just search out all of the twitter competitions by searching (TW).

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