Another chapter

Things have been quiet on here and I realise I need to get into a routine of posting more. Things have been pretty hectic here, I now have a new job! I start in a couple of weeks time as the Design and communications advisor for Freebridge community housing in Kings Lynn. Its such an amazing opportunity, and I still can’t quite believe it if I’m honest. I’ve been looking for a position like this for a while and was so lucky that one came along!

I’ve not got much else to report to be honest. I’ve just completed the first module of my level 4 marketing course, but I have put the course on hold now that I have terminated my contract with my current employer. It’s not that I don’t want to carry it on, just more that I want to be able to focus on my new position for the next couple of months without any distractions.

I have received my complete itinerary for our Vietnam holiday (yippeee!), which I can’t wait for! It is getting closer quite quickly. Not sure whether to post the itinerary on here, don’t want to make you all jealous…! It is pretty amazing and jam packed full of exciting things to do. Think I’m going to be rather tired when I come back…

So I leave you with some lovely typography to look at by Tobias Hall – I have been a follower of his on instagram for ages now and absolutely love his work.




I mean I just love this. I’m considering doing something like this for our wedding invitations! When I actually book a venue that is…


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