Weddings: One way to save

I’m no closer to finding a venue than I was 5 months ago, which is slightly worrying. We still don’t even have a date in mind… terrible I know.

All other details seem to be coming together in my mind though. Last Sunday, I went wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends, I managed to find a dress that seemed pretty perfect! But that is another story – I feel it’s too early to get my dress when I haven’t even got a date set yet! I went to Unique Brides, which is a lovely barn shop located at Castle Rising, just on the outskirts of King’s Lynn. Its such a lovely location, and everybody there was so helpful and welcoming.

I was talking to another one of my friends about the cost of flowers, and what kind of flowers I wanted. She suggested using artificial flowers, which at first I thought might be a bit of a tacky idea, but later realised it was quite genius! Not only do they look just as nice, it’s something for me and the bridal party to keep as a memento.


I’m holding fake flowers in this picture (you wouldn’t know it would you?!), which were really pretty. The image isn’t too detailed because this is actually the dress I wanted, so just incase the other half takes a look on my blog…

Note: I haven’t asked everyone who I want to be bridesmaids yet. Still working that part out!


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