Reading List

A lot of blogs I follow always have a ‘reading list’, which briefly updates everyone on what they are currently reading. I don’t usually find that much time to read, but as of late have been MAKING time.

I really do enjoy reading, so I’ve set aside an hour before bed a few nights a week, and it really is a good way of getting out of my own head, forgetting work and relaxing.

My fiance is a massive Sci-Fi fan and as a result I’ve taken quite an interest in it too. I’ve been reading ‘Wool’ by Hugh Howey, the first of a three book series, for the last few weeks (seems to be taking me forever to finish!), which I’m really enjoying. I was looking through my other halves collection of sci-fi books (which is huge by the way), and I noticed that most of the covers look very similar and a little uninviting. This one however, really jumped out at me, as the cover is just beautiful.



With lots of twists and turns this book will certainly entertain any sci-fi follower.

I’ll be reading plenty of other books soon, with a more academic theme…


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