Big win!

So a couple of weeks ago I came home from the end of a pretty crappy week at work, to find an email saying that I had won a holiday.

Now usually when you get one of these emails, the first thing you do is laugh, go ‘yeah right’ and delete it, to which I nearly did! But then I vaguely remembered that I had actually entered a competition that sounded a lot like the one being explained in the email which I had won.

It seemed legit, with my name in the email, but I had to check. I’m a bit of a ‘comper’ as it happens (for those who don’t know, it just means you enter loads and loads of competitions), and I use the competitions forum on MSE to find all the competitions to win great prizes. This particular competition was with The Telegraph magazine, to which I had a record of entering. And as it happens, right there on the attachment was my home address and all of my other details – it was REAL! I’d never won anything to this scale before – I wont a 500GB hard drive a few years ago, thats about as big as it got for me.

The competition was to win a culinary tour of Vietnam for two people in October 2015 with Kuoni travel for 12 nights, flights and mixed board meals included. Our itinerary looks amazing – and of course I’m taking my fiance, sorry guys! – where we will be riding elephants, having an overnight cruise, a two hour cooking lesson, amongst other cultural and interesting activities. The history there alone is a good enough reason to go. By the looks of things we’ll never be in the same place for more than two nights, which is going to be a completely different experience to the kind of beach holidays I’m used to going on – but I cannot wait!

Tomorrow me and Adrian are off to the nearest Kuoni Travel agents which is in Cambridge to book it all – it will hopefully seem a lot more real once we’ve done that!


I mean, just look at that, it just looks such a beautiful country, and one I never even dreamt I’d get to go too! Just shame we have nearly a whole year to wait!


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