Day 200: Invisalign Update

It’s been a while since I wrote about my Invisalign progress!

I’ve already noticed the difference and I’m only 6 months in! I’m on my 14th set out of about 65 I think, so still a long way to go but it is still progress. After having my attachments put on, I was right, they put a lot more pressure on my teeth and made it even more difficult to get out, but practise makes perfect!

The attachments are just small clear blobs on my teeth, and I’ve read that these just help the teeth rotate or move up and down. It was certainly weird and took longer to get used too than having the trays in the first place. One of the reasons being that it makes the trays more visible (but I think that’s because I knew they were there, nobody else noticed!), especially with one of my attachments being on one of my front teeth. The other reason being that it feels really weird to have the stuff on your teeth when you have the trays out when you’re eating. I found myself running my tongue over them all of the time!

But seriously, take it from me, Invisalign has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I change my retainer every other Friday morning (so every two weeks), and find that Sunday is always the worst day, which I found strange because you would think the first day would be worse?

Also I’ve found my teeth are so much whiter, something to do with brushing them 3+ times a day! I’ll include a photo next time.


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