Graduation, One Year On (is that all?!)

… a little more than a year actually!

So I’ve gotten really bad at this whole blogging business. I’m going to try and be better, honest.

It has indeed now been more than a year since graduating from the University of Lincoln, where I achieved a degree in Graphic Design. Having got a job so quickly afterwards, which was surprising with the area I live in, things were looking pretty good, and I must say it has been a roller coaster of a year. Not long after getting my new job and kickstarting my career, I met a wonderful person who, only recently, I’ve gotten engaged to!

Engagement ring

In the last six months I’ve been studying a Introductory Certificate in Marketing, which I’m now coming to the end of writing my final assignment for.

Form & Function, unfortunately never made it to the crucial stages. Due to a loss in my family, I found it really hard in juggling my emotions with my new job, AND my own business. For me it has just been put on hold until I feel ready enough to give it another shot. My business partners found it hard to progress also, hence the end of the little business venture. All in all, its quite a shame, but feel it was a the right decision at the time.

But, back to my wonderful news! I have been with Adrian for over a year now, and the proposal came out of no where! Quite romantic actually, a nice walk along the beach and chat about our journey together before popping the question, even though it did rain a bit (it certainly didn’t dampen any spirits!). And now, of course, I have a wedding to plan, which I’m very excited about. The big day won’t be until late 2016, but it hasn’t stopped me gathering ideas!

Me & Adrian

And of cause, I’ll be designing the invitations myself!


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