Day Three: Getting Better

Apart from waking up in the morning and feeling like I’ve been punched in the mouth, things feel miles better today! It was a lot easier to get the trays out this morning – at first I just thought it was a blip and I must have just caught it right, but I found it just as easy at lunch too. I’m thinking this must be a good sign that my teeth are setting into there new place! And rather quickly too… only day three!

Dinner time was just as easy again, so I’m pretty happy that I’m not going to be pulling my teeth too much anymore (well until the next set anyway). The only thing I have noticed though – I’ve got an ulcer on my tongue, just where it catches on the ridge of my bottom retainer when I talk. And also, the retainers make my mouth and lips so dry, where I was told my mouth would fill with saliva all the time, I was kind of the opposite.

Good news is they are quite easy to get used to, the bad news is I’m absolutely dreading my attachments.


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