Day Two: Not as easy as once thought

Okay, so at lunch time today, it felt like I was going to pull my teeth out with the retainer.

I think if my front ‘fangs’ didn’t stick out so much, I wouldn’t have a problem, but when taking the top retainer out, it gets caught. It took me 10 minutes today, the longest so far, and when you only have half an hour of lunch at work, it can be a little problematic! After managing to get them out, I realised having crunchy salad probably wasn’t the best idea either. I wasn’t doing very well. However, putting them back in so far hasn’t been a problem for me.

Dinner time: I had the same problem. They just feel a bit sore and sensitive, so have to be a bit more careful when I eat! This definitely has me worried about getting my attachments in 4 weeks time. I had them out for tea a little longer than I did yesterday (about an hour), so by the time I put them back in, they did feel really tight again.


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