Day One: Getting the aligners!

On Tuesday I finally began my journey with the Invisalign aligners. It has been a long time coming! I decided I wanted the treatment back in October, but it has taken until now to finally start my straitening treatment! I had to have a bit of work done (fillings etc) before the work could actually start.

My teeth have always been really crowded, and I’ve finally just got to the point where I want to do something about it! I never really believed in cosmetic surgery – but this is something that will give me a lot more confidence – especially in my professional career.

2014-03-25 20.30.19

As you can see from the photo they really are bad! But in just over two years (62 aligners to be exact!) I will have lovely straight teeth! I can hardly wait!

Firstly they have to take impressions of your teeth with this really weird, thick goo. They basically cover this plastic guard in the stuff and shove it in your mouth. The top impression really made me gag, which I was really trying to hide! I was so embarrassed, but I think it just somehow caught the back of my throat. These have to sit on your teeth for 10 minutes each. So for 20 minutes, your sat in a chair with this weird stuff in your mouth, which isn’t the best of times. Photos were also taken to send with the moulds taken.

Around two weeks later, I went back to see the 3D imaging of my teeth – it was like a video that showed my teeth at each stage of my treatment, and then nice and straight at the end! It was nice to see what I would end up with at the end – technology these days! The same day my aligners were ordered and exactly two weeks after, they arrived at my dentist. I thought this was quite a quick turn around seeing as they have to be made and sent from America.

So for those of you who don’t know, Invisalign are a brand of retainers that are a clear plastic tray, that you wear for at least 22 hours per day, as they have to be taken out for meals. And they really are invisible! I couldn’t quite believe it when my dentist first inserted them into my mouth – you can only tell when you look really closely. He made me put them in and take them out a few times, he explained that he’d never had a patient with teeth quite as all over the place as mine, oops! But I found it easier than I thought, as this was the bit I was worried about after reading so much about other people experiences online.

Overall day one has been fine – no pain, just a slight pressure on my teeth, but I found I could forget about it after a while. I feel like my speech is a little weird, but have been told I don’t sound any different, so maybe I’m just a little conscious if talking with them in?


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