Dissertation: Studio Culture

I have around five weeks before my dissertation deadline and I’m aware that no one really knows what I’m reading and writing about. I decided that I would base my dissertation on studio culture, as I wanted to concentrate on something that would help me after my studies – and I think this is quite relevant seeing as I’m starting my own business.

studio culture

The only thing I’ve really struggled on is finding the right information, as culture and the way a studio is organised is a relatively new thing. The belief that the way in which a designer works and how it can influence his or her design has always intrigued me. The book above – “Studio Culture” by Adrian Shaughnessy & Tony Brook, has been a huge help, and also a really interesting read. He interviews a number of different studios, finding out how they work, how they organise themselves and there views on the studio.


The second book that I have been reading and that has a lot been a big help is this one – “The Transdisciplinary Studio” by Alex Coles. This has proved little bit harder for me to read, but I’ve slowly got my head around it! The book in a nutshell –

“We have entered a post-post-studio age, and find ourselves with a new studio model: the transdisciplinary. Artists and designers are now defined not by their discipline but by the fluidity with which their practices move between the fields of architecture, art, and design. This volume delves into four pioneering transdisciplinary studios—Jorge Pardo Sculpture, Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design, Studio Olafur Eliasson, and Åbäke—by observing and interviewing the practitioners and their assistants. A further series of interviews with curators, critics, anthropologists, designers, and artists serves to contextualize the transdisciplinary model now at the fore of creative practice.” 

He is currently writing the second volume, but even though I won’t be writing my dissertation, I still may purchase and read it as I’ll be interested in what else he has to say on the subject.

So that is what I’m working on. If you have come across any useful articles or interviews, please don’t hesitate in letting me know!


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